before August 31, 2017

5000 THB for Member and 6500 THB for Non-Member.
(Talent Triangle: — 7 PDUs in Leadership)

The Wisdom of Sages Workshop creates awareness about the functioning of our mind. The participants will be able to use techniques and configure mind for success. Managers at any level can gainfully use these newly learned insights in workplace as well as their homes. The participants get a new outlook towards life. This new outlook prepares them for a more productive, purposeful, stress-free, balanced and fulfilling life.

Note: Fee for this course includes 2 coffee breaks and an international buffet lunch. 

Course Content

  • Entry into Our Mind-
    • Personal introductions of trainer.
    • Introduction to subject of Neuro Linguistic Programming and its relevance to project managers.
    • A brief introduction to the concept of NLP and other mind exercises.

    Discover Secrets of  the Mind-

    • Conscious and subconscious mind.
    • How subconscious mind gets programmed.
    • Getting rid of stress and having peaceful mind essential for optimal performance.
    • Behaviour patterns affecting how a person manages self and others.
    • Changing beliefs and acquiring new behaviours leading to optimal performance.
    • Use of NLP exercises to make things happen.
    • Holistic world and interconnectedness.

    Activity & Peace-

    • Using peace of mind techniques.
    • Maintaining peace during intense activity.
    • Goal Setting NLP Way- Using five senses in goal setting.

    NLP Techniques-

    • Spin-around- removing fears and doubts
    • Power walk- removing internal obstacles and resistance.
    • CMT- creating generative internal resources.
    • Anchor Dance- creating and consolidating beliefs.
    • Garden- holistic integration.
    • Putting It Together-

     Five Mantras for Project Managers-

    • Motivation Mantra
    • Speed Mantra
    • Quality Mantra
    • Innovation Mantra
    • Peace Mantra

    Question & Answer-

    The workshop consists of theory as well as experiential learning. Depending on the number of participants, effort is made to answer individual questions of each participant to the full maximum possible satisfaction of everyone.


Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Usefulness of  Mind Techniques in Project Management 15 Min
Module- How Mind operates- Conscious and Subconscious Mind and Effect of Mind Programming 30 Min
Techniques to tackle Stress, Challenges, Negative thinking, Doubt and Fear with demonstrations 30 Min
Goal Setting NLP method 15 Min
Learning about motivation for –

·       Managing people

·       Communication with people

·       Leading people

·       Motivating people

·       Using five mantras for productivity

4 Hours 15 Min
Technique to Create a purposeful work culture in team 15 Min
Question and Answer 15 Min

About the Speaker

Vikas Dikshit
Vikas Dikshit

Vikas Dikshit is mechanical engineer. He was managing own businesses for more than 25 years. He is an avid reader and over last three decades, has studied the mind from over thousand books. He is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and a Hawaiian Huna expert. He has developed many techniques based on his knowledge of NLP and Huna. These techniques have a wide range of applications in project management, besides entrepreneurship, parenting, teaching and other areas of life. He is also a motivational speaker.

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