Cash is undeniably regarded as the lifeblood of any company. An appropriate amount of cash on hand reflects a healthy business with an adequate liquidity level, which is attractive to investors. Cash management involves a wide area of corporate processes in managing cash, ranging from payables, receivables, and liquidity management, and therefore is very important to a business.

Especially in a sluggish economy where lending is limited, cash management can be critical to a company’s survival. A business could fail despite being profitable without good control of cash flow. Even in a robust economy, prudent managers look for projects to improve or better manage their cash flow. Thus it is evident that cash management is a major factor in the success of any enterprise, regardless of external economic forces. For this reason, well-planned project initiatives are essential to ensure the organization remains on the leading edge of technology tools for maximizing cash flow.

This session will highlight how a project management framework can be utilized to ensure that cash management projects are well executed and address the business’ needs. A case study will be used to illustrate each of the process in the project lifecycle.

Wannisa Chaochuowong, a certified project management professional, holding years of extensive banking experience with Citi under regional and country level roles. She has high exposure to global payments and treasury implementation projects and successfully implemented a number of cash management solutions for customers in various industries including financial institutions, airlines, consumer, oil and gas, automotive, media, and electronics. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree with Merit from Manchester Business School and Master of Information Systems Engineering degree from University of Manchester with distinction.

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