A highlight of our activities since January 2014!

 Jan 25 – Building and Managing Effective Project Teams (Workshop)

By Mr. Ravi and Ms. Malai

A special session conducted by experts that flew in from Singapore and Australia, highlighting the one of the most crucial skill of project professional, i.e. people management. Mr. Ravi,  a certified emergenetics associate, discussed various behavior and thinking characteristics through the science of people profiling, which facilitated the understanding of attendee’s own profile and their team’s preferences – hence, aiding in a better management of people. The instructors conducted activities that ensured energetic engagement throughout the day.

Feb 18 – Challenges vs. Opportunities to promote Project Management in the Thai Public Sector (Monthly Lecture)

By Col. Jirasak Jewmaidang

A presentation made by our honorable guest from Defense Technology Institute (Ministry of Defense) educating the private sectors on project management in the public sector. It covered the thorough plans and processes developed for a proper management of national level projects – including the liaison with Office of Public Development Commission, key performance indicators used and overall impact of projects on the country’s growth.

Mar 1 – PMP Orientation and Exam Preparation (Training Session)

By Mr. Sumit Sinha and Ms. Ananya Vilaskhamphee

A two session program covering PMP Orientation and PMP Exam Preparation. During the morning session, an introduction to PMP certification and PMBOK was covered. The session was specifically conducted in Thai to increase the awareness of the standards in the country. The afternoon session equipped attendees with the strategies for taking PMP exams and a run through of over 140 exam questions.

Mar 19 – Projectizing Your Organization (Monthly Lecture)

By Mr. Thomas Martin

The even took a deeper look into emerging trend of projectization of the workplace, which is a critical organization capability to engage, manage and drive tangible results from a set of internal and external stakeholders.