Event Date: September 16, 2009

Organizational politics are recognized as having the potential to influence the outcomes of projects and as such, may be considered an important aspect of project stakeholder management.  While organizational politics often evoke negative associations, adept project managers may use political skills to the advantage of projects.

Research undertaken over the last two decades into the factors that are most likely to contribute to achievement of successful project outcomes has consistently identified factors that may be considered as falling within the ambit of organizational politics.  Similarly, studies identifying the skills required of effective project personnel include what may be described as political behaviors.

This presentation discussed results of quantitative and qualitative research undertaken with project and functional managers and team members in organisations representing a range of industries in Asia, Europe and North America.  Results provide insights into the nature of organizational politics as they impact on projects and reinforce the need for development of political skills and understanding in the portfolio of competence of project managers.